Alaska Career Lattice

Focus Occupation:

Film and Video Editors

SOC 27-4032

Advancement from Focus Occupation

Focus Occupation

  • Employment/Growth: n/a Ave. Monthly Wage: n/a
    Film and Video Editors
    Education/Experience: BA

Transfer to or from Focus Occupation

Advancement to Focus Occupation

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Important note: A worker does not necessarily have to traverse every rung to advance to or from the focus occupation. Occupations above and below the focus occupation are directly related to the focus occupation, but they are not necessarily directly related to each other. For example, actors and athletes are both related to agents of artists, performers, and athletes, but actors and athletes are not directly related to each other.

Analysis and development of the career lattice is by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Research and Analysis Section.

Data sources used for research and analysis: O*NET (Occupation Information Network), Alaska Occupational Data Base (ODB), Standard Occupational Classification Manual, North American Industry Classification System manual, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employer Survey (OES) wage estimates